Hand Controls

We sell, install and service almost all brands of hand controls on the market today including: MPD, Viegel, Sure-Grip, Wells-Engberg and Menox. With methods such as push-pull, push-rock plus your traditional action hand control. At Alamo Mobility, your safety is our number one concern, that is why all our service technicians are factory trained and certified to install your next hand control.

We Install and Service All Hand Controls, Foot Controls and Driving Aids

Alamo Mobility technicians have the expertise to install many steering, extension, foot & hand control brands and styles into most vehicles. With factory trained, NMEDA and QAP certified technicians, you can rest assured your new controls will be installed correctly and operate safely.

Alamo Mobility offers hand controls, steering controls, extension controls, and foot controls. Our products are easy to learn and operate, dependable, easy to install, versatile, and used world-wide. Hand controls are comfortable, ergonomically designed, and provide maximum grip for minimal effort, which reduces muscle fatigue.

Push Rock Hand Controls

Push/Rock hand controls enable the driver to apply the accelerator and brakes by hand. When the upright handle is pushed forward toward the brake pedal the brakes are applied. When the upright handle is rocked rearward toward the user the accelerator is applied. This popular style is a favorite recommendation of many driving evaluators for wheelchair accessible vans or other vehicle conversions, with it's simple and reliable design it has become a very popular style.

Right Angle Hand Controls

Undoubtedly the least fatiguing hand control method available. Through mechanical linkage, the brakes are applied by the forward motion away from the driver toward the brake pedal or dashboard through mechanical linkage. The gas or accelerator is applied by a downward movement toward the driver’s lap and at a right angle to the brake. Designed with a flat handle and accelerator rod that fits behind the dash panel makes it the least intrusive Hand Control on the market today. Available with several handle types. All hand controls we sell include a full warranty on the installation and on the control.

Push Pull Hand Controls

The Push/Pull Hand Control operates by pushing down toward the floor for brake and pull back for acceleration. Several handle types are available. All hand controls we sell include a full warranty on the installation and on the control.

Right Hand Gas and Brake Control

Operated with your right hand this universal floor-mounted hand control that moves the accelerator and brake pedals to an intuitive hand control; pull for gas and push to brake. Thanks to the advanced design, each control is ergonomic, conforming to a person’s natural hand-wrist-arm motion.

Each hand control handle comes fitted with a hill holder to hold the brake pedal down. In this way hands are freed at traffic lights to change gears or tune the radio. Cruise Control frees the hand reducing muscle fatigue and allowing the driver to concentrate on driving.

Spinner Knobs and Steering Controls

There are almost unlimited choices in vehicle spinner knobs available. Choosing a spinner knob can be a matter of preference or may be prescribed by your driver evaluator. Below are some popular spinner knob styles we offer. This is not even close to a full list. Give us a call or stop in to learn more or demo a spinner knob.

Hand Control Multi-function Buttons

In the last few years there have been multiple hand controls released that offer multiple vehicle controls built right into the gas/brake lever. Using only one hand, you can operate the gas, brake, turn signals, wipers, heater, windows and more! These multi-function controls integrate directly into your vehicles computer without the need to add additional mechanical levers. These integrated controls are available on many hand control models. Please give us a call for specific applications for your needs and vehicle type.

4 Way Switches

Add up to 4 functions to your hand control. These multi-function switches can be added to almost any hand control and can be made to control any 4 operations you choose. Poplar controlled items are: left turn signal, right turn signal, horn and dimmer.

Multi-Function Spinner Knobs

Many multi-function spinner knobs can include up to 6 vehicle accessory controls in only one mode of operation. With 6 functions you can cover operation of all frequently used accessories such as indicators, headlights, horn, washers and sequential wipers. You can also control non-essential vehicle accessories such as electric windows, tiptronic gear shifting, cruise control and integrated phone controls while maintaining quick access to those frequently used accessories.

Gear Shift Extension

These can make the vehicle easier for you to shift from gear to gear. They will be installed in a way that is most comfortable for you to operate. They can be used to extend the shift lever for easier operation or even cross it over for a left hand shift.

Gas and Brake Pedal Guard

Blocks the gas and brake pedals so they do not accidentally get pushed. Commonly used in conjunction with hand operated gas and brake controls.

Pedal Extensions

Extend your vehicles gas and brake pedals allowing them to be closer to you. Available in a wide variety of configurations and lengths. Some are as simple as lightweight blocks that get attached to to gas and brake pedals, while others are mechanical linkage allowing the pedals to be placed in almost any location.