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Learn how you can save money without sacrificing peace of mind on your next wheelchair van with a Certified Pre-Owned.

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Buy with confidence. A Complete 416 Point Inspection Performed.

All our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles go through BraunAbility's rigorous 416 point vehicle inspection. Only after the vehicle passes all 416 inspection points can it be sold as a Certified Pre-Owned. Certified Pre-Owned means you get the cost savings of a pre-owned vehicle with the warranty benefits of a brand new vehicle. This vehicle matches a new vehicles warranty with a full 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty on both the chassis and conversion! See your Mobility Consultant for a complete list of inspections this vehicle has passed.

Braun Certified Pre-Owned Wheelchair Van Brochure

You Get A FULL Warranty

Upon the vehicle becoming certified, it receives a full 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. The warranty covers all the same components the original warranty covered and can be used at the vehicle dealership of your choice. Your vehicle will get decals placed on it that directs the service tech to the warranty provider.

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Some of the components inspected.

For a complete list of components inspected by BraunAbility, please see your Mobility Consultant. Please note: some inspections do not apply to certain vehicles (If there is no power seats in the vehicle, they will not be inspected).

Category Item Inspected Required Result
Exterior Front Doors - Keys, Remotes, Power Mirrors   PASS
Exterior Sliding Doors - Remotes Operate It, Smooth Operation, Door Locks   PASS
Exterior Rear Hatch - Key and Latch, Remote, Struts, Lights   PASS
Exterior Emergency Brake - Tested to function & Release   PASS
Exterior Front Lights - All Lights Work   PASS
Exterior Rear Lights - All Lights Work   PASS
Engine Compartment Under Hood - Lamp, Latch, Fluid Leaks, Fluid Levels, Idle   PASS
Engine Compartment Hoses - Wear, Leaks   PASS
Engine Compartment Engine Noise - No bearing noise, gear whine, rattles   PASS
Starter Starter - Starts fast, shift interlock, standard noise level, turns normal   PASS
Driver Controls Dash Lights - All dash warning lights are off   PASS
Driver Controls Airbag Lights - No airbag issues detected by system   PASS
Driver Controls Dash - Dimmer lights, gear shifter operate smooth   PASS
Driver Controls Windshield Wipers - Wipers work at all settings, wiper blades   PASS
Driver Controls Steering Column - Adjust   PASS
Driver Controls Hood Release - Works as needed   PASS
Driver Controls Power Pedals - Function both directions   PASS
Driver Controls Seats - Power Seats and manual seats move in all directions.   PASS
Heat & A/C Heater - Blows on all fan speeds   PASS
Heat & A/C Heater - Correct temp, noise level, front and rear  PASS
Heat & A/C A/C - Temp in line with standards, record temp.   PASS
Heat & A/C Heat & A/C - All automatic functions work.   PASS
Stereo & Clock Stereo - All included functions work.   PASS
Stereo & Clock Clock - Keeps time, even when vehicle shuts off.   PASS
Sunroof/Moonroof Sunroof/Moonroof - No wind noise, no water leaks, operates all directions.   PASS
Road Test Vehicle Road Test - Brakes function properly, no pulling, no vibration, ABS function, engine noise levels, engine runs smooth, all gauges work, vehicle tracks normal, transmission smooth, dash lights.   PASS
Smog/Emissions Air Filter - Inspect and replace as needed, Passes state emission standards.   PASS
Brakes Brake pad inspection - Ensure brake pads are not excessively worn.   PASS
Cosmetic Dings Dents - Inspect vehicle for dings, dents, scratches. (We have a threshold on which these are repaired, always inspect the cosmetics of the vehicle prior to purchase)   PASS